20Bet provides thousands of slot games. You may get lost trying to find which one is ideal for you to play.

If you have a general idea of slot games, or you already have a favourite slot game that you plan to try online; then it’ll be easier for you to choose an online casino slots selection; but if you are not very familiar with slots, this post will guide you in making your choice.

Consider The Payback Percentage

The essence of all online slots is to make real money while having fun; the percentage of payback determines this. A game’s payback rate indicates how much of your initial bankroll you can expect to get back after playing the game. Because it is based on average results, your outcomes may differ.

Consider Variance

Consider Variance

We need to mention the difference between the Payback percentage and variance, which is that, while the payback rate serves as a pointer of your expected earnings at the slot, the variance shows you how you get there.

In simpler form, a game with higher variance is generally fair for your bankroll, which means it will resist many of the ups and downs you will encounter during gameplay. A game with low variance will make the gameplay more stable.

It is not as tricky as it sounds, and neither high nor low variance is perfect. Games with a high variance give you more chances to win, but also put more of your money at risk.

Low-variance games are good for people who want to minimize their bankroll. You can risk a little at a time and play over a prolonged period with a minimum bankroll balance.

Top Payback

Top Payback

Top payback is the simplest thing to measure in online slots. Look at the top of the paytable to see how many coins you can earn. When you double that by the maximum stake, you can calculate how much you can win in a single play on this online slot game.

Additionally, search for online slot machines that have progressive jackpots. These jackpots keep increasing until someone from a certain group of players wins them. Knowing the maximum payout is essential for individuals focusing solely on the jackpot.


With a better understanding of what to look for when selecting your slot game, we hope you’re ready to explore the world of online slot games.

Remember that playing online slots will always be more fun and financially rewarding if you know how to pick the right game.

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